Here are some guidelines that are important to follow in order to make this a supportive and productive group for everyone.

  • This is your MinskESL community – please treat it with respect and stay on topic (English language). This is not the place to discuss your political or religious views. This is a place for you to learn and improve your English skills.
  • We are here to help each other! We will not tolerate any hate, bullying, condescending or demeaning posts. Please play nice and mind your manners.
  • We’re a community not a marketplace. Please do not promote products or services to the community.
  • You don’t like Spam and we don’t like Spam either. That’s why we will have to take it down. Spam is when you continue to post the same thing over and over again, off-topic posts, and other posts our moderators might find spammy
  • “Trolling” or deliberately breaching forum etiquette by posting inflammatory or extraneous off topic messages to bait or inflame users will result in immediate suspension from the course.
  • As you get to know other students, please remember that anything you post is public. Please refrain from posting your personal information such as your address.
  • If a moderator removes your post, please do not repost it. It was taken down for a reason. Removing a post is nothing personal, please don’t make it personal.
  • Let's have some fun! Post your wins, questions, and challenges. Support others, seek support and most of all make progress on your English skills.
  • Play fair and have fun! 🙂